Ultrasound Technologies

With SDT Ultrasound Solutions, you have a partner to aid you monitor the health of your facilities. Put an end to reactive fire fighting and build a proactive approach.

For 40 years we have provided companies with experiences, planning, and leadership the needed to achieve world-class results.

SDT Checkers Range

4 Ultrasound detectors that solves 4 major reliability problems.

SDT 200

The affordable Ultrasound solution for many applications.

SDT 270

Your versatile, portable Ultrasound solution.

SDT 340

Cloud connected condition monitoring solution.


Your Ultrasound lubrication assistant.


Multi-frequency acoustic camera.

SDT Ultra Checker

Designed to use the full range of both airborne and structure-borne 2nd generation ultrasound sensors.


Multi-channel online monitoring solution that combines both ultrasound and vibration sensors in 4 to 32 channel modular configurations.


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